2017 Puqi Intelligent Button Mapping Geophysical Water Detector Global New Conference

2017 Puqi Intelligent Button Mapping Geophysical Water Detector Global New Conference Special Report

Hunan Puqi Geological Exploration Equipment Institute held a "2017 PuqiIntelligentButton Mapping Geophysical Water Detector global new conference" in Shandong Linyi Lu Shang Pullman Hotel in February 18th 2017.Launched six model of new water detector,PQWT-TC150 (150 meters), PQWT-TC300 (300meters), PQWT-TC500(500meters), PQWT-TC700(600meters), PQWT-TC900 (1200meters),PQWT-TC1200(1500meters).The conference participant is more than 600 people from around the world,and has achieved complete success under the efforts of everyone.

The Scene Of Conference Sign In

The Scene Of Conference

In the past few days, we had a brief introduction for these six models of new water detector, the client feel only surprise and shock after they understand the characteristics of each model at the conference site. "New button mapping "Geophysical prospecting water detector launching had really shake the market,Without the problems of computer drawing profile map,The future of Hunan Puqi Geological Exploration Equipment Institute will be more worthy of our expectations.

Vice President Mr.Chen Give The Welcome Speech Before Conference

We are very honored to invite "Professor Yixing Yuan from Harbin Instituteof Technology "visit our conference site and give the speech.

Professor Yixing Yuan From Harbin Institute Of Technology Give The Speech

Conference Launching Ceremony

Marketing Manager Mr.Lau Introduced New Products And Preferential Policies

Everyone Is Actively Join In The Questions & Answer Event

Foreign Distributor Are actively Join In The Questions & Answer Event

2017Our Institute Once Again Won The "CCTV Brand"

"New Button Mapping "Geophysical Prospecting Water Detector For Selling,Which Received The Great Support From Our Foreign Distributor And Signed The Sales Contract On Site

The Scene Of Customer Consult And Place Order

The Scene Of Luck Draw A Lottery

Staff Taking Photo For Memory

The success of theconference, very grateful to new and old customers and guests of the strong support. At the same time, we also know that long way to go, need more solid technology and better service feedback to the users.

Finally, once again sincerely thanks to all the guests, experts whom busy and take time to attend "2017 Puqi Intelligent Button Mapping Geophysical Water Detector new conference"in Shandong Linyi.

Wish you all good health,success in work, all the best!