PQWT-K3·500 Meters

PQWT-K3·500 Meters
PQWT-K3 Borehole Inspection Camera, 500M


Coiling Bracket of the Signal Cable

Pay-off Rack

PQWT-K3 Borehole inspection camera is specially used for detecting borehole
conditions of mine and water well.This product is mainly used for the division of
the stratum structure in the borehole, the identification of fracture and karst
development in the borehole wall, the identification of the fracture and development
belt, the location of karst distribution and the long-term monitoring in the borehole,
etc., Drilling and drilling at any angle in the monitoring. In the deep well repair
project, it can detect the damage of the casing, the drop in the well and the
clogging of the filter pipe. It can record the damage and breakage of the casing
and casing wall in the deep well in real time, Using its dedicated cable
dedicated to the ground to the display.This product can check the perforation
location is accurate, detection of casing corrosion characteristics, can accurately
check the casing corrosion, intuitive reflection of the shape of corrosion, the casing
of the wells, wells, wells repair, Corrosion degree, etc .; geological survey for the
identification of geological structure; construction quality inspection of concrete
pouring and other occasions, has a broad market prospects and development space.

Main Features

1. Real-time transmission of high-definition screen, automatic video recording of the
video  observation system

2. Fill-in system for users to choose, to cope with different circumstances of the
underground environment.

3. Precision to the depth of the millimeter detector.

4. Removable camera, easy to carry.

5. Just need connecting three pcs of aviation plug before operation, easy to operate.

6.The use of large-capacity battery-powered, no need external power supply, fully charged
use of time up to 6-7 hours. The instrument can also be used as an external power supply when charging.

7. Using imported IP68 waterproof plug, can work underwater for a long time without leaking.

Technical Parameters

Measurement Depth: 500 meters

Measurement Accuracy: 0.001mV

Operating Ambient Temperature: 10 ℃ ~ +60 ℃

LCD Size: 7-inch high-definition LCD screen

Relative Humidity: ≤ 85%

Power Supply: DC14.8V Rechargeable Battery


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