PQWT-G150·150 Meters

PQWT-G150·150 Meters

PQWT-G150 Dam piping leak detector, 150M

PQWT-G150 Dam piping leak detector is a lightweight and highly efficient dam

piping leak detection instrument. Detecting dam leak by measuring the frequency

of the natural electric field and analyzing the resistivity changes inside the dam. Can

find the leaking point of the piping of the dam, nest point leakage, bedrock foundation

leakage, hollow, dynamic soil, ants and other caves, dams and other engineering

disasters have a very good detection effect.

Main Features

1.Easy to carry
The use of the earth natural electromagnetic field as a signal source, does not require
heavy artificial power source of the field part, the whole weight of not more than 3 kg, easy to carry.

2.Simple operation
The instrument is fully automatic controlled by high-speed CPU, 10 minutes to learn
instrument operation, for no experience in the exploration staff can be completed
within half an hour related training.

3.Precision, high accuracy
High-performance amplifier and high-performance AD converter, FFT digital filtering
technology. PQWT G50 / G100 / G150 measurement accuracy of up to 0.1mV, in a
large number of field tests to obtain the traditional artificial electric field method comparable
to the stability of the instrument.

4.Anti-interference ability
Advanced anti-jamming technology, multiple anti-jamming design, through the instrument
selection and digital processing, even in the city, electrical interference or other external interference
of the work area, but also observed good repeat ability Of the contour measurement contour map.

Technical Parameters

Measurement Depth: 150 meters

Measurement Accuracy: 0.1mV

Operating Ambient Temperature: 10 ℃ ~ +60 ℃

LCD Size: 7-inch LCD Screen


A/D converter: 12bits 1Msps

Relative Humidity: ≤ 85%

Power Supply: DC7.2V 5000mAh Rechargeable battery, 4W

Working Temperature: -10~50

Operation Video Link:
PC: http://www.pqwtcs.com/NewsDetail.aspx?nid=3627&classid=268
Mobile: http://www.pqwtcs.com/App_Ver/NewsDetail.aspx?nid=3627&classid=268



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