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Hunan Puqi Geologic Exploration Equipment Institute and Hunan Puqi Water Environment Research Institute were established in May 2006; Puqi Institutes mainly engaged in the research and development of following area: geophysical exploration, pipeline network loss reduction, disaster prevention and mitigation, earthquake warning, ground penetrating communication, smart pipeline and life searching.


In recent years, a total of hundreds of millions of yuan has been invested in research and development of scientific research projects and the construction of talent teams. Adhering to the strategic goal of "invigorating science and technology and strengthening talents", Puqi Institues cooperated and established a long-term cooperative relationshipwith many national scientific research institutions,colleges and universities, and undertaken a number of national scientific research projects. Puqi Institues jointly established the "13th Five-Year National Water Special R&D Base" with Harbin Institute of Technology; jointly established the "Industry-University-Research Strategic Innovation Cooperation Base" with Hunan University of Science and Technology; establish the “Practice Base for Industry, University and Research”with Changsha University.