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PQWT GX800 Underground Cable Line Repair Water Leak Detection Device Water Pipe Detector Locator

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PQWT GX800 Underground Cable Line Repair Water Leak Detection Device Water Pipe Detector Locator


PQWT-GX800 Water Leak Detection Device Leakage Repair Tools Electric Cable Wire Detection Locator Underground Pipe Locator

PQWT-GX800 pipe locator is based on electromagnetic induction method to the application of communication principles designed. Included in the use of more user-friendly design, through large-screen liquid crystal display signal strength, grate, arrows and voice prompts make the operator to easily determine the location and underground cable fault. One person to complete all operations.

PQWT-GX800 pipeline locator can be used to find the cable (charged or uncharged) path and can be used to find buried cable failure. Can be done in the past several sets of equipment to complete the task.

PQWT-GX800 has changed the traditional concept of cable fault location, without high-voltage test equipment, without the use of AC power, no analysis of the waveform, wiring is simple, use a school that will.

In the past we find the cable path, the power cable must be tested, and some can not run the power cable, use the PQWT-GX800 can easily solve the problem of electric cables to find the path. PQWT-GX800 50Hz can be charged directly to find the cable path.


PQWT-GX800 underground pipe and cable locator

1, Receiver

Operating frequency: low frequency, RF

Antenna pattern: the trough method (vertical coil), the peak method (horizontal coil)

Sound indication: signal intensity changes with the FM tone

Current indication: Display the current value of the effective cable under test (unit: mA)

Operating temperature: -10 ° C - +55 ° C

Battery Type: 7.4V lithium battery

Battery indicator: graphics

Battery life: continuous> 8 hours: stopped working> 16 hours

Size: 70 × 20 × 11CM

Weight: 3 kg (with battery)

Signal strength, said: ladder, the number range 0 - 999

Gain Control: manually adjust the dynamic range of 100db

Detection depth: Maximum depth of not less than 5 m probe

Maximum detection range: direct law insulated cable up to 15KM

Depth measurement: according to the depth of three key figures, the maximum depth can be measured up to 2 .5 m

Accuracy *: LF: ± (1-5)% ≤ 2 .5 M RF: ± (5-12)% ≤ 2 .5 M

* Depends on the circumstances at the scene, the shape of non-concentric lines, the number of pipeline and soil near the return current


2, Transmitter

Operating frequency: low frequency, RF

Mode: direct method, coupling method, inductive method

Matched load: 5 ohms -3000 ohms

Impedance display: five digits

Thermal over-current: automatic protection

Power output: low block, mid-range, high gear

Battery Type:7.4V lithium battery

Battery life: working 4-8 hours depending on use frequency, output power

Intermittent work 6-10 hours depending on the frequency of use, output power

Operating temperature: -10 ° C-55 ° C

Size: 16 × 16 × 39CM

Weight: 4 kg (with battery)


Instrument Features:

*All-digital positioning system, and show a clear, reliable positioning

*Portable lightweight, easy to use, quick to find

*Built-in rechargeable battery, the test without electricity

*Depth with cable shows, current shows

*Large-screen LCD graphic display, without earphone test

*Built-in ohmmeter measure the resistance of the cable loop

*Cable locating and fault-finding with two functions

*You can find up-to-ground insulation failure 2MΩ

*Adapt to night-time operation with backlight





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