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PQWT-GX900 Underground cable fault locator plastic pipe metal pipe detection device handheld wireless pipeline locator

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PQWT-GX900 Underground cable fault locator plastic pipe metal pipe detection device handheld wireless pipeline locator

Product Description

The GX900 receiver is used to locate underground pipelines, cables, buried depth measurements of underground pipelines, and current measurements in tubes. A variety of frequencies and operating modes are available to meet a variety of environmental and various pipeline detection needs

The GX900 transmitter is used to apply the signal of the selected specific frequency to the target pipeline, and the signal can be applied by direct connection method and induction method.The transmitter has the characteristics of high power, long measuring distance, automatic impedance matching and automatic measurement of pipeline grounding resistance.

Technical Parameters of GX900 Pipeline Detector

( 1 ) Receiver

Positioning accuracy: 5% of depth

Depth measurement accuracy: 5% of depth

Current measurement accuracy: 5% of actual current

Depth measurement range: 8m

Working modes: valley method, peak method, wide peak method and peak arrow method

Operating frequency: radio, 50Hz, 512Hz, 1KHz, 33KHz, 83KHz ( operating frequency varies slightly according to product specifications )

Operating temperature: - 20 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃

Cell: 7.4V Lithium Battery

Overall dimensions: 595mm×146mm×300mm

Weight: 1.8Kg ( including battery )

( 2 ) Transmitter

Output power: 10W

Operating frequencies: 128Hz, 512Hz, 1KHz, 2KHz, 8KHz, 33KHz, 65KHz, 83KHz

( The working frequency varies slightly according to the specifications and models of the products )

Operating mode: direct connection, induction and clamp are automatically switched

Electric pool: 14.8V built-in lithium battery pack

Operating temperature: - 20 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃

Overall dimensions: 348mm×235mm×118mm

Weight: 2.5Kg ( including battery )

III. Configuration of Main Accessories of GX900 Pipeline Detector

( a ) Standard configuration

One GX900 receiver;

One GX900 transmitter;

One directly connected signal line;

One induction clamp;

Two output lines;

Two grounding rods;

Two chargers;

One magnet is connected;

One 220V power cord;

A manual for use;

One instrument packing box ( or bag ).


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