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PQWT Leak Detection Diary | Leak Detection in Changsha Aohai Lanting

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On November 15, 2022, we received a call from an owner of Aohai Lanting in Yuelu District, Changsha City, who had a water leak in his home, and the leak was quite serious, and found us hoping to help him find the location of the leak through professional leak detection instruments and personnel techniques.


We came to the owner's home with professional equipment, and after arriving at the scene we learned the situation: the owner's home had a pipe leak in the kitchen doorway before, when the leak had been found to complete the repair, and now there is a place to leak, there are many signs of soaking hair in the corners of the entrance, and there are obvious drips on the top of the aisle in the public area downstairs, we surveyed. Initially, we suspect that there should be a problem with the engineering pipe from the water meter to the entrance of this section. But for the sake of insurance, we still decided to do the pressure-holding test from the home first.


01 for pipe pressure test


We first turned off the main valve in the house, and then turned off the angle valve and faucet in each position, removed the water heater below the cold water inlet pipe and hot water outlet pipe two positions, connected to the pressure gauge connected to the pressure pump, hot water pipe and cold water pipe pressure at the same time, respectively, to the pipe for pressure testing. Through a period of observation. The pressure of the cold water and hot water pipes did not change significantly. We judge that there is no problem with the plumbing inside the home.

Next, we removed the pipe connected to the water meter and plugged it with a plug, and closed the main valve into the house. We conducted a pressure test on the pipe from the water meter and found that the pressure in this section of the pipe could not be maintained, indicating that our judgment was correct and that there was a problem with this section of the incoming pipe.


02 Start pipeline inspection



After determining the target leaky pipe, we used an air pump to pump air pressure into the pipe and used the PQWT L50 indoor pipe leak detector to test along the pipe, which has a high-end atmosphere, high sensitivity, clear sound quality, and has a dual detection mode of census and positioning, and the dual probe design is suitable for different detection environments in the home and narrow spaces such as walls and cabinets.

After PQWT L50 type pipe leak detector census mode detection, the obvious leak signal was found at the engineering pipe entry, and then after the instrument positioning mode retesting verification, the location signal column bar is higher compared to other locations, accurately lock the location there is a leak.

03 Excavation after determining the correct location






After determining the specific location of the leak, we next excavated and repaired the pipe, opened the floor and found the leak at a hot fusion elbow, in order to let you see the obvious effect, we used detergent water poured on the excavation, you can obviously see the bubble bulge upward, positioning is accurate.

This time, we found the leak point of the water pipe on site very successfully.
04 Cause of water leakage

Due to the welding process, there was a gap in the welding position, which led to a leak over time. Finally, we cut off this elbow, replaced it with new pipe fittings and re-welded it. After the repair was completed, we did the pressure test for the pipe again and confirmed that there was no problem with the pipe and then finished the whole testing process.

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