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Thanksgiving 17 Carnival - the dream does not stop!

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The good times are always with us, the years are fragrant, and the warm heart is full of infinite longing for the future. In this fruitful and infinite expectations of May, PQWT also ushered in its 17th birthday, and the whole unit set off on 5.19 to Miluo City Changle Town, a thousand-year-old cultural town, to carry out a two-day "Thanksgiving 17 Carnival - - Dreams Do Not Stop" themed group building activity. -Dreams do not stop" theme group building activities.



After arriving at the destination, everyone quickly gathered to take family photos to show the spirited spirit of PQWT people, and then under the arrangement of the coach, they carried out activities such as mountain cross-country biking, kayaking and Frisbee in groups, and the laughter echoed in the camp, which effectively enlivened the atmosphere and enhanced the teamwork spirit. PQWT people gave full play to the teamwork spirit, and the activities were passionate, warm and harmonious. In each activity, PQWT people cooperated tacitly, helped and encouraged each other, and gave full play to the passion of youth.



After the dinner, we had a team demonstration according to the group, and integrated into the colorful game link, which not only increased the fun of the game, but also invariably increased the tacit cooperation between employees; there was more emotional communication in trusting each other and helping each other. Finally, through the team PK finally decided the first and second runners-up and three partners were rewarded with paragliding experience. Finally, the bonfire party pushed the group building activity to the climax, allowing everyone to let go of themselves, to splash around, to sing and dance, and everyone's joy and excitement was overflowing.



On May 20, the anniversary day, we went to the thousand-year-old town - Changle Town to visit and play. We went into the Zheng Family House, the blacksmith store, the ancient workshop of sweet wine, the Sweet Wine Culture Museum, and the Storytelling Society Museum on Listing Street to le

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