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PQWT’s 15th Anniversary Celebration & Centennial of the founding of the Communist Party of China Education Activities

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Fifteen years of journey, we forge ahead continuously.

Fifteen years of working hard, PQWT is leading the industry and has achieved remarkable results!


From the beginning of its establishment, PQWT has always been advancing with the attitude of a pioneer and the spirit of an innovator, maintaining a steady and strong momentum of development, and has achieved remarkable achievements in the industry. This remarkable achievement cannot be achieved without the support and help of people from all walks of life, and the unremitting efforts and hard work of all employees.


During the celebration, Chen Bo, Secretary and Dean of the PQWT Research Institute, presented trophies to the expert consultants Yang Dianjun and Ji Yongping who have made outstanding contributions to our company. Vice Dean Yang Zhui, Vice Dean Xiao Yuefei, and Vice Dean Liu Ruifeng came to the stage to issue certificates to the "PQWT Star", to thank them for their contributions to the company, and send the most special and sincere blessings to colleagues.


Fifteen years of overcoming obstacles, PQWT has been challenging himself and moving forward.

Persist in integrity, persist in market orientation, and persist in entrepreneurial spirit. For fifteen years, PQWT has been adhering to the concept of prosper the academy of science and technology, strengthen the academy of talents, overcome obstacles, challenge himself and keep moving forward. At the celebration, secretary and dean of the PQWT Research Institute Chen Bo, gave an important speech entitled "Time is beautiful, Life is true--Do not forget the way when you came", emphasizing and comprehensively analyzing the key factors supporting PQWT's rapid development.


In the past, the seniors traded their lives for peace; now, we are bathed in happiness and joy; in the future, we will repay the society through hard work. On May 21, all party members and company employees of PQWT came to the Jiangxi Autumn Harvest Uprising Bronze Drum Memorial Hall, carrying out educational activity with the theme of "learning party history, understanding the original intention, and practicing mission", remembering the revolutionary predecessors, listening to the story of party history, drawing the majestic power, promote the study and education of party history in depth.


Fifteen years of glory has become the past, standing at a new starting point, embarking on a new journey, never forget the original intention, we believe that PQWT will continue to carry forward its steadfast style, work hard, continue to move forward, and create new brilliance!

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