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What tools are needed to increase pipeline pressure in the water pipe leakage?

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What tools are needed to increase pipeline pressure in the water pipe leakage?

In the process of pipeline leak detection, when will tools to increase the pressure of the pipeline be used? When testing pipeline leakage, when the leakage point is relatively small and the leakage point is not obvious when detected with a leak detector, it is necessary to use a tool to increase the pressure of the pipeline to increase the sound source signal of the pipeline leakage point, thereby improving the detection efficiency and more accuracy.

One.What tools are needed to increase pipeline pressure to the pipeline?
Manual pipeline pressurization instrument (hydraulic pressure)

The manual pipe booster instrument is a commonly used and relatively simple tool for detecting pressure. Its size is 30cm square, but it is still very effective. The tool includes a jack, a pressure gauge, a water tank, and a connecting hose. The pressure device used is specifically used to test the pressure strength in the water pipe. Features: Cheap and easy to carry, simple to operate.

Two.Automatic electric pressurized air pump (air pressure)


After the water pressure is pumped, when it is found that the pressure drop is slow, but there is still a pressure drop, the water pipe may be completely covered by water; at this time, the water pressure has no practical effect, and it can only be judged by increasing the air pressure to check leakage point. At this time, the air pressure is better than the water pressure, and the leakage noise generated is like a "grumbling" sound. When choosing an air pump, try to choose a good noise reduction effect, which will not cause interference or disturb the people during the test; choose a small size. This is convenient to carry.
Test to increase pressure on pipeline
The test to increase the pressure of the pipeline is one of the common methods to determine whether there is water leakage at the connection of the water pipe. When testing pressure, check the joints and valves one by one and close them tightly, otherwise it will directly affect the needle effect of the pressure tester.

Three.What is a test to increase pressure on a pipeline?


The instrument for testing the pressure of the pipeline does not drop within the specified time or the drop is less than 0.1, indicating that the pipeline of the water pipe is good, and it also shows that the instrument for testing the pressure of the pipeline is also in normal working condition.
Note: there should be no water leakage at each plug and faucet.

Four. how to detect whether the pipeline is leaking:
1. In the pressure test, a pressure gauge with a measurement accuracy of 0.1 MPa must be used, and the pressure gauge should be installed at the lowest point of the entire pipeline system as much as possible.
2. After the pipeline is filled with water, remove the air in the pipeline, and then close the main valve of the water meter, and the test can begin.
3. The test pressure is 1.5 times the maximum possible working pressure (usually 8-10 kg of water pressure). For example, the connection between the pipe and the PVC joint must wait about 5 hours before the PVC joint is connected before the pressure test, and the maximum pressure shall not exceed 6 kg. Generally, the pressure measurement and holding time for PP-R water pipes is 30 minutes. If the entire system has no water leakage in the plug, the pressure indicator drops to 0.5 kg, which is a normal range. The reason is: the pipeline is caused by internal pressure expansion, but for safety reasons, the entire pipeline system must be checked again.

Five.Where can you buy the tools for leak detection and pressure testing of water pipes??
You can buy it from suppliers of water and electricity materials, medium-sized stores, and hardware and electrical stores. It is recommended to buy at a local hardware store, after-sales maintenance is more convenient!

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