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Leak detection knowledge sharing

May 23,2023

Leak detection knowledge sharing

1. Site survey:
It is very important to survey the site, through the signs of water leakage upstairs and downstairs, analyze the reasons for its existence, not letting go of any traces, comparable to the police exploration case scene, which is very crucial to your next leak detection.

2. To do pressure testing of the pipeline must play water pressure, external pressure gauge with four-way valve, first play 8-10 kg of water pressure after checking all angle valves, faucets and other pipe fittings are sealed to ensure that the pipeline is in a sealed state, so as to ensure that the pressure test is accurate.

3. After confirming the target leaky pipe, we need to determine the specific direction of the pipe, and it is best to mark the elbow, tee, joint and other hot fusion places in detail.

4. Use a multifunctional and highly accurate water leak detection instrument, such as the Puch L series pipe leak detector,  along the ground above the pipe, the wall, under the cabinet and other places where all the pipes go through careful testing.

5. The detection process to replace the air pump or special pressure equipment to the pipeline to play air pressure for detection, the effect will be better.


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