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What are the Considerations for the Process of Good Formation?

July 25,2023

What are the processes and matters needing attention when we make a well?

1. Before placing the well pipe, should check the well wall, hole diameter, and hole depth, to find out whether the hole wall is regular round, shrinkage and other irregularities in the hole wall must be repaired promptly to ensure the smooth implementation of subsequent processes and the actual measurement of hole depth.

2. Slurry change, with thin slurry or water pressure into the bottom of the hole, from the bottom of the hole to the top of the original hole when the formation of thick slurry, change out of the hole. When the concentration of mud back in the well is the same as the concentration of diluted mud pressed into the water, the mud exchange is completed.

3. Lowering pipe. The pipe release must be carried out by the technical requirements. Install the well pipe finder, welder work, and weld 2-4 pieces of pull plate, if necessary, the pipe must be added floating plate, and the bottom of the pipe must be sealed with steel plate welding.

4. Fill with gravel material. Put the selected gravel material into the annular space between the well pipe filter and the well wall. According to the geotechnical requirements and stratigraphic conditions, the static gravel throwing method, gravel throwing method with return water outside the pipe, pumping gravel filling method, and other processes are selected.

5. Washing the well. The purpose of well washing is to completely remove the blockage of the aquifer by rock debris in the borehole in the process of drilling wells to find water and precipitate the mud, powder, fine sand, etc. in the aquifer around the filter pipe, to ensure that the water flows out smoothly from the aquifer.

6. Well hole in the acceptance of the former, must be a simple pumping test to determine the actual amount of extractable well water after the pump 30min after taking water samples to measure the amount of sand and water quality analysis of samples. Then prepare a report on the well-finding water project.

7. Borehole acceptance. Data and technical standards and technical standards. Borehole inspection delivery sheet (including good structure. Construction process. and water quantity. Sand content and other data), borehole size, and inspection sheet consistent with the design requirements.

8. The recharge well construction process and pumping wells are similar to the filter and recharge test and also have the corresponding requirements.

Whether you are playing artificial wells or drilling deep wells, packaged water to play and not packaged water to play the price is not the same, packaged water to play the need to take certain risks, so the price will be much higher than not packaged water to play, as well as drilling engineers, as long as you can find the right water level to do the bullet, so the income is not up? The visible precise location of the water source is very necessary.

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